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ch1 pg 15

ch1 pg 15


I Dream of Easter

What happens when a little rabbit wants to become an Easter Bunny? A childrens book made for teens, sexual innuedos, slight nudity, and slight foul language ahead~! Full Color comic~ Updates Saturdays & Sundays I'm just restarting this again so we'll see how this plays out. This is the first time drawing animals for me, I've no prior knowledge before this so please keep this in mind~!


Annnnnnnnd officially back

*Does a dance*
Ahh a lot of stuff was going on BUT ITS OK NOW~
No more distractions,
Ima try and upload three more pages tomorrow, but I'll stick with one if I can't /u/

Next week we'll see if I can go back to normal schedule~
Ahhhh I missed you guys.
Thanks also for the 72 fans, I can't believe I'm almost too a 100 >A< If by the end of the chapter I get 100 fans, I'll upload a special thank you drawing C:>

Thank you all for being AWESOME

Posted by Cookieluv246 @ November 20th, 2010, 7:34 pm
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I apologize, No Update today

No update today, not because the pages are unfinished *cough* But I will be going away next week ,and I'm not sure exactly how long, so I need to preserve the pages so i'll still be able to update reguarly while I'm gone. Temporarily, I will only be updating two pages for next week, I'm not sure if I'll stick that way. But also, I will be updating another comic, where all these characters came from,

This will be updating on Friday next week. I apologize for the sudden change of schedule /x/ Things irl are going on that need to be dealt with.

Posted by Cookieluv246 @ October 10th, 2010, 6:56 pm
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Ahhh first one of these [Commentary wanted]

Ooh, they allow html. oh if only I knew me some good old CSS
Ah well

I feel so proud of myself, able to work with the comic for two weeks and being consistent with times /w/
Though now I have a semi question to all my (active?) readers~

Do you think the resolution of the comic is too big C:>?
Do you think it should be smaller or should I leave it as is.

Any advice for my comicing as well ~u~ Like sites I can post this on for advertisements sake, etc. I'm pretty new to this and I'm lamesooooo yeah. I can use any help your willing to give me :awesomeface:

Posted by Cookieluv246 @ September 27th, 2010, 1:51 am
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